How to Build a PC

By: pazzer

Do you know what could beat the exciting feeling of having a new computer? Make your own PC!

Making your own computer from scratch is not only fun to do but cheaper as well. You can get to choose the parts you want to use on your PC. This gives you the control in balancing the price and the quality of your newly assembled PC.

Before we show you the steps, here are the necessary parts of the computer that you need to buy:
Processor  Cooler
Motherboard memory
Graphics Card
Hard Drive

What Is VoIP Security?

By: Laura Rupert

Security is an obvious concern when it comes to any sort of technology, but even more so with any technology that is run through the Internet. Because VoIP ( runs through the Internet any information can be intercepted by anyone at any time. Because many things go through phone line, private information can wind up in the hands of the wrong person. Obviously, nothing is a one hundred percent guarantee because as fast as technology is made to keep information from getting in the wrong hands, the wrong hands are working to figure out how to break through those systems. Luckily, VoIP security is becoming more and more well rounded all the time and soon it'll be so well done that even the best of the best won't be back to get their hands on personal information.


dibawah ini kakak berikan link untuk mendownload nilai TO simak yang pertama kalian. Dan nilai TO yang kedua ternyata masih dalam proses. doakan agar malam sabtu sudah dapat kakak tampilkan. dan paling lambat adalah malam minggu.
  1. link: absensi seluruh siswa (12ipa dan 12ips) sampai pertemuan ke 51
  2.  link: nilai TO simak 1 12ipa dan 12ips

ok selamat menyaksikan.....he...he..he....

Google Personal Search Will Have on SEO, Blogging, Social Media and the Web as Whole

Google gets personal: Now everybody will get personalized search results based on their search habits in the past unless they opt out in a tedious process. So most people won’t opt out or even notice at all, at least at first.

1.The rich will get richer, that is the attention rich. Those sites that have a brand and/or audience already will profit from Google personal search results. The sites people already click most often will rank on top. Wikipedia will dominate even more.


Many people think that having a good website is all you need to get tons of visitors. Wrong answer. Getting traffic to your site takes hard work and diligence and is not accomplished overnight. Think about it this way - how are people supposed to know where to find your site if you don't tell them? You must advertise. Here are some proven ways to advertise your site without spending [much] money:

1. Submit your site to as many search engines as you can. Here are some of the popular ones you can start with: